As I have discussed on the air the new duplexer has arrived! I was not sure it was going to make it, I ordered it last Sunday 2/20/22, and paid extra to get it by Today (2/25/22). UPS lost the package shortly after taking possession of it. The vendor was not having it and vowed it would be here Friday! Wouldn’t you know it, they were able to push one through! One of the techs stayed late to tune it and it shipped yesterday from Baltimore MD at 6:20 PM. FedEx pulled in to deliver it at 11:30 AM today, Bob and I plan to make the trip tonight and change it. The current 25-year-old 4 cavity duplexer we are using is only offering 54db of insolation between the transmitter and receiver. In addition, it has high insertion loss on both the transmit and receive. Replacing this will make a noticeable difference and allow us to turn the power back up.

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