We are currently having receive issues with the repeater. The issue appears to be coax-related and will […]
Well, it’s been 48 hours and we remain noise free. I remain skeptical, but hopeful the issue […]
Hello, The time has come to address the issue of noise, a three-day project with the goal […]
Hello, As most of you know we have had some issues with noise on the repeater’s input. […]
I mentioned this during the Elmer Net on 1/5/23. This is the root cause of the interference […]
Today we added a new repeater controller. In addition to the voice ID we have replaced the […]
We have upgraded the off-grid DC power system for the repeater. Our original setup used a micro […]
We had the team from Higgins Tower Service onsite today for the antenna, and feedline replacement. Everything […]
I want to take a moment to share some operational changes to the repeater. First of all […]
We are pleased to report today’s climb was a success! We are not 100% sure this will […]